Company Background

Training program as a Management Assistant in Wholesale & Exports (IHK)

In the commercial training program at DERMALOG you’ll learn the basics of Sales, Marketing, Logistics, Purchasing, Finance, and Human Resources.

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KCommercial training at DERMALOG

We’re an internationally operational IT company. No two projects are the same. You definitely won’t get bored with us, and during the course of your training as a Management Assistant in Wholesale & Exports. You’ll get an insight into our administrative processes and an all-round idea of how an ambitious, medium-sized company operates. And the really special thing is the chance to delve into the fascinating world of biometrics. We’re always setting ourselves new challenges. You’re a quick learner and like to work independently? And you’re a team player through and through? Your curiosity and thirst for knowledge gets you excited whenever you get to learn new things? If all this applies to you then you’ve come to the right place!

Hard Facts

  • Salary by training year: €1,200 / €1,300 / €1,400
  • Duration of program: 2 1/2 years
  • Type of training: Dual vocational training (alternating between company and vocational school) – 2 days of lessons per week
  • Required school-leaving qualification: Entrance qualification for higher education (preferably from a commercial high school or commercial college)
  • Training location: Hamburg

What will you learn at dermalog?

In the sales department you’ll learn how to take care of our corporate customers. In the Marketing team, you’ll learn how to promote products and companies, and how to communicate in a professional way – from external presentations through to internal communication. Then you’ll head on to Logistics and the dispatching of goods. You’ll learn how to monitor this process and meet delivery dates. You’ll also communicate with forwarding agents and have the chance to work on current projects. In our day-to-day operative business, you’ll help the purchasing team to procure goods and commodities from the manufacture required for our current projects. You’ll compare offers, negotiate with suppliers, and check incoming goods and invoices. In the Finance team you’ll be juggling with numbers, and in Human Resources you’ll support our recruiting efforts and make sure our new talents are well cared for.

Which school subjects are most important?

  • Mathematics: You’ll have a lot to do with numbers in your day-to-day work. If you’ve paid close attention and applied yourself in this subject, you should be able to cope with most of what’s required of you.
  • English: The world is becoming more and more interconnected, and English has become the standard mode of communication, especially in the world of IT. So if you can express yourself well in this language, you’ll be able to communicate with partner and customer companies, as well as suppliers all around the globe.
  • Business Management is an advantage: Your training and your future job will be about purchasing and selling goods. You'll be dealing with deliveries and logistics, as well as deadlines and sales negotiations. Business management skills are required, for instance, when preparing tenders or writing invoices. The planning of training and further education measures also falls within your area of responsibility.

What soft skills are required?

  1. Ability to work in a team
  2. Self-initiative
  3. Curiosity to learn new things